Vera Tran Memorial Scholarship

Vera Tran was a role-model, an inspiration, and a friend to all who met her. She fearlessly took on life armed with only love and compassion. Vera greeted everyone she met with a smile – a smile that could light up an entire room. She had an immaculate soul and a song in her heart. This is how Vera will be remembered by her family and friends, as well as the Vietnamese community at large.

Among her peers and friends, Vera was the shiningest star. Her future was beautiful and bright. She was on the fast-track to becoming a skilled and caring doctor, having already been accepted into the UH-Baylor Medical program. Yet, this was not enough. It was not enough that Vera toiled to secure her future and her personal dreams.

In whatever little time Vera could call her own, after completing her studies and fulfilling her role as a dutiful daughter, granddaughter, and sister, Vera fought for the rights and future of others. She relentlessly gave of herself and encouraged her friends and peers to do the same. Vera raised funds for disaster victims, fed the homeless at soup kitchens, and worked to benefit her community.

The Vera Tran Memorial Scholarship is available to graduating high school seniors of Vietnamese descent wishing to pursue further education. One student each year will be awarded a one-time scholarship of $2000.

Applicants must excel academically and be committed to community service. We particularly are looking to reward a future leader who has desires to serve the community.

Scholarship Selection Criteria

Eligibility to apply:

Successful applicants must demonstrate the following characteristics

Essay Question:

In an essay of 2,000 words or less, respond to the following question:
What is the most valuable lesson you've learned (about the world or about yourself) through community service?

Application Process Checklist

Online Process:
  1. Complete online application form.
  2. Upload resume with online application (Only one needed for all scholarships).
  3. Upload essays with online application
  4. Scan and upload high school transcript (unofficial transcripts are acceptable)
  5. Submit recommendation online (Only one needed for all scholarships): Recommendation Form

All questions can be directed to

Deadline: May 31, 2015