Cultural Bridges Fellowship Application Form

Please note that you will not have an opportunity to save this form mid-stream, or edit this form once you have submitted it, so be sure that you have prepared all your responses beforehand and that all responses are accurate.

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1: Personal Information

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2: Academic Information *


3: Resume Information

Please list a maximum of three examples for each section. Begin each example with an asterisk (*)

4: Personal Statement

The personal statement questions are your opportunity to express why you are interested in this fellowship experience. The selection committee is interested in both your personal and academic reasons for applying to this program. Please ensure that you are thorough and specific in your responses to the questions. Respond to each question separately; each response should be approximately one paragraph (4 to 5 complete sentences) in length.

What are your personal motivations for applying to this fellowship?*

How have you prepared for the fellowship?

How do you envision this fellowship experience will contribute to your academic or future career success?

What do you feel will be your biggest challenge(s) in accomplishing your fellowship goals?

How will you measure the success of your personal contribution?

5: Project Proposal

In this section, descript your proposed fellowship project. Keep in mind that clarity and brevity are important in this section.

Executive Summary
A one-paragraph statement of the proposed focus of the fellowship experience. (consider a written "elevator pitch" from which any stranger could understand your project goals and plans).

FHF or Community Need
Describe a need or issue within FHF or the community it serves and how your propose addressing the need/issue.

Project Objectives
Explain how your project will address these needs and/or issue by outlining the overall goal and specific objectives for your work. Include an approximate timeline of activities.

Personal Contributions
Explain how your academic or personal experiences will help you succeed in your project. Include information about why this project is of personal significance to you. *

6: Transcript

Please submit an unofficial transcript along with your application.